Sacramental Reflection Day

On Thursday 13 September, the boys preparing to receive the Sacraments spent a day in reflection and contemplation of their spiritual journey. This was followed by creating part of the altar banner which will be used next week. The boys met Monsignor Anthony Ireland who ran a short workshop with them. We ask the College and wider community for their prayers as these boys embark on new elements to their spiritual journeys.

  • Aiden Maralande
  • Andrew Doan
  • Bob Li
  • Diego Lozano Cortez
  • Dieter Hagen-Mujica
  • Don  Suraweera
  • Dylan Nosworthy
  • Finn Van Der Zweep
  • Gavriel Hariyanto
  • Joshua Perera
  • Kynan Nyitrai 
  • Lachie Grewcock
  • Menal Hewa Don Atapattulage
  • Montell Wickremasinghe
  • Patrick Mcmahon
  • Remy Puidokas
  • Sam Wallbridge
  • Sebastien Krueger
  • Tully Walker
  • Tyrese Wickremasinghe
  • Xavier Soldati

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission