Parents’ Association

The fundraising levy supports us in facilitating the annual Mother’s Day Breakfast. It’s a wonderful morning that provides an opportunity for the boys and their Mums to take some time out to celebrate this special time of the year.

Every year, the Parents’ Association facilitates our annual Mother’s Day Breakfast. This year’s Mother’s Day Breakfast saw over 300 mothers and sons in attendance, with many commenting on how much they enjoyed the opportunity to spend some quality time with their son before he commenced school for the day.

“It was a very emotional event, a particularly special morning. Thank you for the lovely memories made today for so many of us in the school community.” – Rachel Atkin, current parent.

“One of my favourite times spent with my son” – Anna Coad, current parent

In the lead up to the breakfast, the Parents’ Association co-ordinates the catering and organises parent helpers to assist at the event. In paying the fundraising levy, you are contributing to the purchase of delicious breakfast items for our school community to enjoy.