Oz Bosco

Oz Bosco is an annual Salesian Youth Event.  It is a weekend of Joy, Fun, Friends, Faith and Festivity, with special guest speakers, workshops, Prayer and Liturgy, group sessions and a variety of recreational activities. Oz Bosco is open for young people from 15-25 years. Youth teams, students, youth leaders and anyone connected with the Salesians of Don Bosco who would like to attend are welcome.  It is a wonderful opportunity for young people to meet and focus on being connected to the same Salesian family.

This year was the 10th anniversary of Oz Bosco and was attended by over 170 participants. It would not have been possible without the assistance of the following people:

Event and time Staff
Friday Dinner – BBQ 4- 7pm Kim Beurs

Michelle Collins

Deb Rabot

Mary Menz

Samantha Carey

Niki Pinirou

Molly Tilley

Mr Perkins

Inder Gill

Rob Brennan

Saturday Breakfast Lexi Tsiavis

Malwina Dwyer

Saturday Lunch Marianne Marshall

Nick Filippis

Sunday Breakfast Rob Brennan
Sunday Lunch Jack Palumbo

Rob Brennan

Thanks also to:

  • Josh Knight: First Aid
  • Dennis Veneruzzo: Facilities Manager
  • IT Team: Terry Cristiano, Rob Chrzanowski, Bayden Seliga
  • Catering: Barb Monaghan and the Canteen team

Student Helpers (Registration and Tours):

  • Bo Desilva
  • Michael Triantafyllou
  • Robert Amendola
  • Demetrio Ciorciari
  • Dimitri Adamopoulos
  • Emmanuel Chu Chung Chuck
  • Eamon McKenzie
  • Jamie Phung

Sound Helpers:

  • Ashvin Adihetty
  • Stefan Fernando


  • Joshua Fernando
  • Billy Drakopoulos
  • Phil McKenzie
  • Brodie Fowler
  • Campbell Phelan
  • Mehran Molaei
  • Angelo De Zilva

OZ Bosco Staff Participants

  • Sarah Roberts
  • Declan Crowe

OZ Bosco Student Participants

  • Mohith Vemula
  • Joshua Meedin
  • Pravinda Gunasekara
  • Ethan Van Landenberg
  • Josh Fernando
  • Ethan Andrews
  • Liam McGain
  • Eamon Perkins
  • Sheneth Fernando

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission

“During OzBosco, we were fortunate enough to have two great key speakers that talked to us about the Catholic faith. One asked us if we were listening to God as much as we listen to others, and also discussed a life of vocation. On Saturday we participated in two workshops that discussed how one can use their life to improve the lives of others, as well as accepting and being grateful for what you have. Later that night we were also lucky enough to participate in an activity in Melbourne’s CBD. The activity involved a trip around the city to find St Don Bosco, in a’ Choose your Own Adventure’ and ‘Amazing Race’ type event. We were split into small groups as we adventured between different landmarks in the city, which was enjoyable as most people who attended Oz Bosco were not from Melbourne. It was a special event for us to all be together and experience all that Melbourne has to offer.

This was my third OzBosco. The thing about Oz Bosco that I find to be the most memorable experience is the friendships I make with people from different walks of life, and also the Saturday night event that always brings your Oratory Group together as one team.

One thing I always recommend is that even if you aren’t religious, this event is designed not for religious purposes but to bring youth together, which is always the aim of the Salesians. The people you meet at events like these broaden your own personal perspective as you meet people who come from many different walks of life. These are people who you will know for years to come. This event is one broadens your experiences and helps you become a better young man.”

– Eamon Perkins, 12F