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Deeshan Ambawatta

Continuing Salesian College Chadstone’s tradition of brothers achieving extraordinary results, College Dux Deeshan Ambawatta attained a near-perfect ATAR of 99, continuing his family’s legacy of achieving ATAR scores in the 90’s.

Deeshan reflects, “My brothers, both in their unique way, definitely made this year easier. Dinushan (who also graduated from Salesian College in 2013 with an ATAR of 91.1) often offered me advice and encouragement regarding subject selection, organization and so on. Andy (now in Year 7 at Salesian) on the other hand is yet to graduate but was equally helpful in terms of relaxing. He’s a clown and always made me laugh, showing me the value of balance.”

“Boys, our school is like no other. It’s not just a high school, it’s a home, filled with people from every corner of the earth. We learn not only Maths and Science, we learn compassion, empathy, and friendship more than anything. Work hard, but don’t forget the true and underlying lessons that are taught in the halls of our school.”

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Deeshan Ambawatta





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2016 Salesian College Annual

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