VET Sport & Recreation

As part of our Safety in Sport unit, our newly formed VET Sport & Recreation class had an engaging and practical experience last Friday when they participated in archery. This activity was not only enjoyable but also educational, as it allowed the boys to apply their theoretical knowledge of safety procedures and risk assessment in a real-world setting.

Before the session, the students were tasked with completing a comprehensive risk assessment, identifying potential hazards, and devising strategies to mitigate these risks. They also had to create a safe and structured lesson plan, ensuring that all safety measures were in place and that the activity would be conducted in a controlled and supervised manner.

During the session, the boys took on various roles, including that of instructor, teacher, and student. This hands-on approach allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of safety in sport and recreation activities. They were able to apply their knowledge in a practical setting, demonstrating their ability to manage risks and ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Overall, the archery session was a valuable learning experience for our VET Sport & Recreation class. It not only provided them with practical skills but also reinforced the importance of safety and risk management in sporting activities. We are confident that the lessons learned from this experience will benefit them in their future endeavors in the field of sport and recreation.