Acc Sports Report

ACC Hockey

 Senior Hockey- The senior hockey team played St Bernard’s at home this week. The boy started strongly, piling the goals and pressure on St Bernard’s early however their lead was run down to result in a 3-3 draw in the end. Best players for Salesian were Gus Roach, Peter Holland and Benjamin Ford. Good work.

Year 10 Hockey- The year 10 hockey boys travelled in to Albert Park Hockey and Netball Centre to take on St Mary’s this week. The boys put together another strong performance defeating St Mary’s 2-0. Two first half goals from Harrison Kukulovski put the game beyond reach for St Mary’s and earned him a place in the best players column alongside Nicholas Franklin and Jaiden D’Rozario. Well done boys.

 Year 9 Hockey- The year 9 hockey side played against Mazenod at Waverley Hockey Centre. It was a tight game with both teams scoreless at the half, however the game broke open in the second and Salesian had a great 2-1 win. The best players this week were Zac Raffa, Jared Fernandez and Daniel Baxter. Well done boys.

 Year 7 Hockey- The year 7 hockey side journeyed to St Bernard’s for their round 4 match. Reward for effort came this week for the year 7 hockey boys having their first win 1-0 over St Bernard’s. Salesian’s best were Laurence Bloomfield, Peter Siamelis and Jay Tooley. Awesome work boys.

ACC Basketball
Senior A & B Basketball- The senior A & B basketball teams travelled to Whitefriars this week. The A team tried hard however were unfortunately defeated 43-60. Salesian’s best in this game were Oliver Arnott, Nic Clifton and Jun Lee. The B team took the court next and won a very close game, defeating Whitefriars 53-51.  Amongst the best for the B side were Calvin Ramachandran, Benji Mathieson and Spencer Mathieson. Great work boys.

Year 10 A & B Basketball- The year 10 A & B basketball teams had a bye this week.

Year 9 A & B Basketball- The year 9 A & B basketball teams took on Mazenod at Waverley Basketball Centre. It was a great week for the year 9 basketballers with the A and B teams both defeating Mazenod 57-48 and 70-25 respectively. Salesian’s best were Xavier Arnott, Jackson Cerovac and Samuel Millares for the A’s as well as Isaac Ng, Austin Grenfell and Seth Hagioglou in the B team. Good work boys.

Year 7 A & B Basketball-  The year 7 basketball teams had a bye this week.

ACC Table Tennis
Senior Table Tennis-  The senior table tennis team hosted St Bede’s Mentone this week. There was a bit of feeling in this tight clash but Salesian managed to hold on for a very good win 9 matches 35 sets to St Bede’s 6 matches 40 sets. Jonah Biviano, Samuel Rizkalla and Will Thurston were named in the best. Great work boys.

 Year 10 Table Tennis- The year 10 table tennis team travelled to St Mary’s for their matches this week. Salesian put on a brilliant display of table tennis and were in complete control all day winning 15 matches 69 sets to St Mary’s 0 matches and 6 sets. Awesome work boys. James Wright, Kosta Nikolopoulos and Andrew Byun all played exceptionally. Well done boys.

 Year 9 Table Tennis- The year 9 table tennis team again took on St Bede’s but the team from their East Bentleigh campus. The boys are putting together some good form with a commanding win over St Bede’s, 14 matches 56 sets top 1 match 19 sets. Salesian’s best on the day were Marcus Mercuri, Terry Tsivranidis and Joel Ajani. Good work boys.

Year 7 Table Tennis- The year 7 table tennis team travelled to Essendon to play St Bernard’s. The boys played really strong table tennis, defeating St Bernard’s 13 matches and 54 sets to 2 matches 21 sets. Great work boys. Amongst the best were William Brooks-Gay, William McKenzie and Xavier Sammut. Good work all.