Year 10 Vocational Minor Job Preparation

Our Year 10 Vocational Minor students undertook the ‘Job Preparation’ unit in English, preparing their resumes, completing a job application form, and conducting a mock interview with a member from our College Leadership Team. Students were assessed on their responses to the interview questions, as well as their presentation skills during the interview. From getting haircuts and ironing out their school shirts to preparing their responses to the interview questions, the boys came well prepared the morning of the interviews, nerves included. Afterwards, the boys commented on how much they enjoyed the whole experience and how they will use this to support gaining their own part-time or casual jobs moving forward. Members from the leadership team such as Mr Ashmore (Principal), Miss Taylor (Human Resources), and Mr Bourbon (Assistant Principal – Students and Engagement) all commented similarly as to how well the boys presented and conducted themselves during this process.
Congratulations Yr10 VM!


The experience of starting from scratch writing my first resume draft and then finally finishing with attending my interview was an extraordinary experience. I find that the learning approach of real-life scenarios are amazing towards students of VCAL. This process applies to me more to doing the work and higher standards. Overall, it was a great process of many practice interviews which finally led me to the end with results me and my family can be proud of.
Lachlan F
Year 10 Vocational Minor student

I found this experience quite enjoyable because it helped me learn things that I am going to use in the real world. For example, doing a mock up interview with a teacher helped me to learn how to present myself, my language and my etiquette.  I found that writing out resumes was very helpful because I can use that knowledge again when I’m older and I can also actually use that resume now.
Eli M
Year 10 Vocational Minor student

I have found the experience very useful and have learnt a lot about how to make and conduct a interview. My resume has improved throughout the process and have added a lot more key information that’s critical for your resume. Looking back at the feedback I can see that I still have things to work on, but it has really helped me.
Billy K
Year 10 Vocational Minor student