Literacy and Life – Year 7

In Year 7 Literacy and life, we have been researching how to show ancient Chinese History in an engaging matter. We aimed to engage our audiences with artefacts and information related to some of the different artefacts, places and religions that our classmates are doing are: The Great Wall of China, Buddhism, The Crossbow, The Sickle and other interesting artefacts.

We have completed learning stations about the different areas of Ancient China.  These include;  Ancient religions, warfare, landmarks, inventions and social classes and daily life.

We have all been hard at work, not only making the items at home but now making them in the class. Many students are enjoying the task immensely and are excited to present them to our own class and other classes and teachers.

Kaleb M

Over the course of the term, the year 7’s have come to know Ancient China like the back of our hands. From invasions and emperors, to ancient porcelain toilets, we’ve learnt it all.

Recently, during our Literacy and Life lessons, we’ve all been working really hard on our first major group project. Approximately 2 or 3 weeks ago, each student got put into a group with around 4 or 5 people, and then we had to decide on something related to Ancient China to base our project on. The aim of the project was to create a museum artefact, a piece of writing outlining what it was and a statement of intention (a short paragraph stating your target audience, explaining why you chose to do what you did and justifying your decisions). After a few weeks of hard work, the projects were starting to look really good, and by late week 9 to early week 10, we were ready to present. After every group had their artefact and text on a table, we had a whole museum in the classroom!

The great thing was, not only did everyone get great value out of it by learning a lot about whatever topic their group was doing, we also learnt a lot from looking at other group’s work. Overall, we had an awesome time, looking at other people’s creations, making our own artefacts and becoming closer with our group members.

Ethan D’S