Pat Cronin Foundation Presentation

Photos from Pat Cronin Presentation to Year 9 cohort at Mannix Campus 28/3/22 – Presenter Ben O’Toole

“On Friday 1st April, guest speaker Al Latu from the Pat Cronin Foundation spoke to the Year 10, 11 & 12 cohorts about the dangers of alcohol influenced violence, a prominent issue amongst young men, through the story of 19-year-old Patrick Cronin, who never came home. Pat’s story hits home, and much like us he grew up loving sport, family and friends. Tragically, Patrick Cronin fell victim to a coward punch whilst out celebrating with mates, sending a shockwave of devastation through his family and the broader community. This prompted his family to create the Patrick Cronin Foundation, a leading voice on the issue of coward punching.

Al Latu associated Pat’s story to his personal life as a former bouncer and club owner, where he witnessed ubiquitous outbreaks of brawling, overwhelmingly caused by peer pressure and the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Personally, Al Latu conveyed the importance of calmly assessing a situation and evaluating the consequences in an energetic environment like a club. He also provided strategies for approaching these predicaments that we can apply to our everyday lives e.g. breathing to calm ourselves or a mate down. As we graduate from school, and even now we are faced with exposure to alcohol, crucial decision making and the numerous changes and challenges the adult world presents for our lives.”

Samuel Gould | Year 10 Student