Studio Arts – Clay Sculpture

“Currently in Studio Arts the project we are completing is a clay sculpture of a human face. This project involves using clay to sculpt a human face by first creating a newspaper armature, then making an oval (to be the shape of the face), and built up the structure by adding features such as cheekbones, eyes and nose.

It is quite an enjoyable process, it is very relaxing, methodical and considered, compared to the stressful environment other subjects have when it comes to their SACs. Working with my hands is something that I rarely get to do, especially at school, making the project very unique. Some of the challenges that have come from this project are the fact that, due to the current social climate, the room must be circulated with an aircon at all times, making the clay we are working on dry out from all the moisture being taken away.

Overall, however, the entire process is both enjoyable and allows us to learn about how to work with our hands to sculpt clay, as well as to learn the facial structure of a human, as creating a human face requires knowledge on the placement and position of facial structures, and their proportions from one another.”

Chris Frangotsinos | Year 11 Student