Digital Business

Digital Business is an elective offered in year 10, although challenged by the pandemic the class was a blast and something that all students would enjoy. Throughout the semester we learnt how to brainstorm product ideas, create a 3D model, website and how to properly pitch the product using psychographics and other techniques to bring interest in your product.

My group of Harry, Sven and myself were challenged at first when brainstorming what our product could be, however we decided to create a microchip which had a variety of health monitoring features such as Heart Rate Monitoring and GPS. This product would benefit those with conditions such as dementia that can cause a cognitive decline and wandering, the device was also aimed at people who enjoy the outdoors and children that may get lost.

I personally most enjoyed creating the 3D model and the slogan “To Chip, Or not to Chip”. I can also testify that both my group members (Harry and Sven) also enjoyed creating the 3D model and app design as they were able to collaborate and seek a second opinion on their work.

We did however miss out on our excursion but this was made up by the overall enjoyment Digital Business brought as teams of students worked to effectively pitch and market their product.

Below, you will find a model of our product.

Malakai Harding, 10C


Throughout this semester, our Year 10 Digital Business class was able to innovate and explore the world of creating and making an online business. Within groups, we learnt how to innovate and open our mind to the different aspects of starting up an online business, through brainstorming, marketing, pitching and creating 3D models of our products.

We also learnt how to look at gaps in the market, and understand the different works needed to run a business. The challenge of collaborating with groupmates on the numerous tasks and having to use our imagination to create a product which would meet the needs of the current market, also brought about the enjoyment of innovating and creating a new product.

Market research and start-up costs were challenging, however our group was able to overcome these and overall create a good final product. Our group enjoyed the creation of our brand “MaskX,” a company which created masks, masks which varied from standard reusable masks to an advanced deluxe mask, which included features such as an electronic eyepiece, Bluetooth, built-in speakers and a microphone, which filled a gap in the market, and solved common issues related to a standard mask.

Here are the models of our products.

Ryan Daniel Dennis, 10G