From the 2021 Acting Principal

2020 wasn’t meant to be like this.  For you. For us. For anyone. For me, 2020 was going to be a year where my wife, Jennie, and I meandered towards retirement. A couple of overseas trips, some part-time teaching and plenty of golf was what I thought lay ahead at the start of the year. Then Covid insinuated its way into our world bringing fear, anxiety, tedium. The greyzone of the bleak winter lockdown circumscribed our horizons and filched our plans. Mine included.

And, then, when I thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, our Provincial, Fr. Will Matthews sdb, asked me to take on the role of interim principal. I must say that I have mixed feelings about taking on the role. Why? Well, the necessary predicate for that to happen is that Rob Brennan, the best principal I have ever worked with, will be leaving the College. Whilst this is wonderful for Rob, his lovely wife, Tracey, and, most especially, for Caroline Chisolm Catholic College, Rob’s departure after nine years of outstanding leadership represents a daunting challenge for us here at Salesian College.

Equally, however, I am looking forward to the opportunity. There is great comfort in the knowledge that we have a great staff, lovely boys, a very high-performing Leadership Team and an experienced School Council led by Fr. Greg Chambers.

I have been asked to share a little of my background.  The mandala of my life is family. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife and two adult children who mean the world to Jen and I. We are all teachers. Jen teaches English, History and R.E. So does Nick. And Megan. Me too! I really enjoy rugby union, travel, food, golf and walking our dog.

I came to Salesian College in 1997 as Curriculum Co-ordinator. I became Deputy Principal in 2000 and continued in this role for twenty years until stepping down at the end of 2019. If you stay in the one place for long enough, you usually get to have a go at quite a few things.  I have written policies, created timetables, curated a literacy program, headed up ICT reviews and have been heavily involved in strategic planning.  A full list would be tedious. Basically, I have had the great good fortune of heading up learning and teaching as well as student and staff services.

I love the College and the Salesian charism. I have really enjoyed working with wise and committed principals such as Fr. Chambers, Fr. John Prest, Fr. Chris Ford and, as I have mentioned, Mr. Rob Brennan. I hope that, in some small way, I may be able to continue this legacy until the next principal takes up his / her duties in the middle of 2021.

Mr Neil Carter
2021 Acting Principal