Student Letters of Appreciation

In Oratory, our students recently wrote letters to their parents and mentors, thanking them for their support throughout COVID-19. Below, some of our students share their reflections.

These letters have been published with the permission of each student.

To Mum and Dad,

Although times are difficult at the moment, I really appreciate the continued support and love I get from you both during such a crazy and important year of my life. Through all the uncertainty at this time, you two have helped this time seem all that much easier by letting me do as little as possible around home to focus on my studies, especially during the online learning part of this year. I can’t thank you enough for also just putting up with me and understanding why I may be stressed and for just leaving me alone when I need to be alone. Finally, thank you for rewarding me when I do well and bringing me up on my mistakes when I slip up. Overall, thank you for just being the best Mum and Dad I could’ve asked for.

– James Carrig, Year 12

To (Teacher), 

I imagine that quarantine would have been a hard time for teachers. It was obvious there was a lot of work that happened behind the scenes. I would like to admire the hard work you did during this time. Despite your workload, you still managed to check in with all your students, including me when I was having some issues. I would like to thank you for not only putting in effort to make sure I am ok. But for doing that for others who needed it as well. Your actions during quarantine truly showed that you care for the wellbeing of your students. Through this I have gained a lot of respect for you as a teacher. I hope that this year will still be good despite the chunk of it that we lost. Actually, I know it will be a good year as I have you for Oratory this year. I hope COVID-19 has not affected your life too much, and that you and your family are safe.

– From a Year 10 student 

Dear Mum, 

Just wanted to write to you thanking you for all the support you gave me through this period of remote learning. I was easily distracted and could get off task, but you always encouraged me and pushed me to finish my work while you were still completing your work. Thank you for always reassuring me that everything will be fine, when I was stressed during online learning. Thank you for just being the overall greatest mum I could’ve asked for.

– Lucas Axford, Year 12

Dear Ms Nathan,

It is an honour to say thank you for your influence and guidance during online learning and helping me when I was struggling and needed help. I like the way that you stayed calm and dealt with remote learning. Also you were very supportive. What I enjoyed in remote learning was the fun we had during bingos in the morning. You had a positive impact on me and I acknowledge you for getting me through this. What I gained and learned is to be more organised and to be more responsible. I know we have differences in AFL but deep down we both know Carlton is better than Collingwood. I sincerely appreciate all your hard work and effort to make remote learning not as bad as it could have been.

– From Matthew, Year 7