Class of 2020 Reflection Day

The newly announced Year 12 Class of 2020 travelled to Dromana to attend their Year 12 Retreat Day at the ‘Don Bosco Camp and Centre’, on 28 November. The entire year level took part in numerous personal development activities grouped in oratory classes. The purpose behind these activities was to prepare the year level of future leaders for the challenges and difficulties they will face in the up and coming school year. Year 12 is regarded as a stressful time for many students, with huge academic pressures. In order to prepare the students for this, presenter John Gartland shared a personal story of his experience in Year 12 and the struggles he faced making decisions on work-oriented pathways at the age of 17, with added  parental pressures. Furthermore, the second presenter Romina Martiniello shared her knowledge regarding the personal wellbeing of students during Year 12, giving a plethora of students the opportunity to share their future aspirations whilst equipping students with advice on maintaining a health work-life balance. Ultimately, the 2020 Year 12 Class were given an opportunity to bond with each other and learn about personal wellbeing in the positive atmosphere of each other and experienced presenters whom had also faced the same difficulties in their schooling careers.

Scott Fisher
Year 11 student