Business Management ‘Shark Tank’ Activity

As part of our Unit 1/2 Business Management studies, myself and three other boys in our class participated in a ‘Shark Tank’ marketing activity. We came up with a marketing strategy for Mr Guy Cristiano, the franchisee of Roll’d Fountain Gate, to use and implement into his actual operations in the store. This was a small project that my classmates and I put together while working on our other class work in Business Management. We were up against groups from the other two Business Management classes. Our idea consisted of a loyalty card scheme which we presented in a PowerPoint to my teacher Miss Gill, and to Guy, the owner himself, who had some very positive feedback and tough questions that put us on the spot, very much like the show Shark Tank itself. The most significant thing about marketing that I’ve learned over the course of the activity and topic in general, is that for marketing to have an impact on attracting customers to the business, the business must ensure that they target specific demographics and audiences as their customer base to ensure success from their marketing.

Adam Stone