Year 11 Reflection Day

Salesian College has a strong tradition in ensuring all boys experience at least one day per year reflecting on God’s plan for them. In 2019, we have a variety of new programs we are implementing. The Year 11 Reflection Day held on Tuesday 12 March was one of those new programs.

The day took place at Amberly, Lower Plenty and was facilitated by Steve Lawrence. Steve was an AFL premiership player for Hawthorn, was the Director of World Youth Day 2008 in Australia, and a father of six. Coupled with his experiences as a Director of an international school of mission in Rome, his teaching and travels and his adolescent experience in a broken family, he is able to openly and honestly communicate with the boys on a number of key issues.

The aim of the reflection day is to encourage students to set goals for themselves as people who have the capacity to be men of character for others, primarily through their actions in the small things. The three topics covered focused on what kind of man they want to become, who they are as people of character and their greatness lying in sacrifice and the service of others in the small things. Underpinning these is a focus on Jesus, not only as a role model but as the source of life and the one who helps us build communities and go out to others in our mission.

The boys were absorbed in Steve’s stories, and on many levels they were able to relate to them and use them as a point of reflection about the type of men they want to be.

It was a wonderful day. A special thanks to Tristan O’Brien (Reflection Day Co-Ordinator) and Kim Beurs (Year 11 Co-ordinator) for their organisation of the day. Thanks also to all the teachers who spent time with the boys facilitating small group workshops and picking up the table tennis bat at lunchtime for a quick hit! I was truly a fun filled day of Salesianity.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission

During the Year 11 Reflection Day, the cohort of Year 11 participated in a leadership program with the assistance of Steve Lawrence, in gaining knowledge and understanding of what true leadership is all about. Throughout the course of the day, we got to hear about Steve and his journey through leadership, bringing forth an understanding of leadership into our lives. During the day there were also small group activities in which students participated in as a group learning about the key characteristics and values of a leader.

Learning about Steve’s experience gave the Year 11s quite a valuable understanding of leadership and how it can be implemented into our lives. The group activities were also quite a valuable part of the day as students gained an insight as to how leadership doesn’t just correspond to a “role” but also corresponds to an “action/guidance”.

We Year 11s are now senior students. It is our role to play a part in the school as leaders and to show the younger year levels how a great leader leads with respect, integrity, courage, trust and self-confidence. Thus, stopping to reflect on Year 11 Reflection Day is very important. Not only should we stop to reflect so that we can become great leaders, reflecting also allows us to consider what lies ahead of us, including maybe even becoming a Student Leader in Year 12.

Shevin Fernando