Glenn Newnham visits Year 11 Media

On 15 May 2018, Glenn Newnham spoke to our class and shared his expertise in the film industry as a sound editor and designer.

Glenn shared information about sound editing and designing in general, and gave specific information on the film we are studying in class, ‘the Dressmaker’, which he has worked on. He also used various videos to help explain his role in the industry. 

The most interesting part of this experience was the details Glenn gave on ‘the Dressmaker’, as this film is relevant to our studies on the topic of ‘Australian Stories: Australian Fictional and Non-Fictional Media’. He thoroughly explained the process of perfecting sound in films and TV Shows he has worked on. Glenn’s answers to questions posed by my  classmates were detailed and knowledgeable, and his expertise helped me add to ideas and consolidate my in-class studies. His knowledge on ‘the Dressmaker’ helped us further understand the ideas expressed in the film, which will help us with our assignment.

– Michael Triantafyllou, 11E

During our incursion, Glenn Newham, a sound editor that has worked on movies such as ‘The Dressmaker’ (the movie that we are currently studying in class), ‘Lion’ and ‘Planet Earth’, came in to discuss how sounds and noises are produced within a movie or television show. He also discussed the work he did on ‘the Dressmaker’. One of the most interesting parts of the incursion for me was discussing how Glen Newnham was able to work on projects that were produced overseas. I also found it interesting how ‘the Dressmaker’ was produced from both a director point of view and a sound editor point of view. This incursion helped me to understand how sound is produced within a film, and taught me tips to improve the quality of the videos we produce. Glen Newnham also discussed how sound can change the mood of the story being told, an idea that we can use when we are analysing ‘the Dressmaker’. Thank you to Ms Timos for organising this visit, as it will greatly help our analysis of the movie ‘the Dressmaker’.

– Simon Tran, 11E