2018 Winter Griffin

Our 2018 Winter Griffin, ‘Celebrating Diversity’ features multi-award winning ABC journalist and Class of 1998 past student Jason Om, who understands not only the role of storytelling at the highest level, but also the art of listening and empathy that goes with the skill of a quality journalist.

Dedicated to the everyday stories of our culturally rich community, in this Griffin edition we pay respect to the people who are brave enough to tell their stories. Past student Rabel Kaka shares his plight of escaping war torn Iraq. Stories like these are sadly not unusual in our community, but they provide us with enormous perspective.

Stories have the ability to alter perspective and bind cultures, and for Salesian College Chadstone as it stands today we hold the advantage of 71 varying cultural denominations making up our 2018 student population. A melting pot of culture, stories and experiences from across the globe, our diversity allows us to share and learn from each other, inside and outside of the classroom.

Our culture and our stories make up who we are today and into the future, and we could not be prouder.