Unit 2 Biology Excursion – Healesville Sanctuary

On the 31st of August, the Unit 2 biology classes investigated Australian species at Healesville Sanctuary. Highlights included seeing a week-old baby emu, observing the endangered Tasmanian Devil, as well as marvelling at the breathtaking birds of prey display.

We are now able to appreciate that zoos are no longer sources of entertainment, rather they are sanctuaries for animal conservation and hubs for learning.

We intensively examined the behaviours of the platypus, the spotted tail quoll, the koala, and the emu. We learnt that indigenous Australians played a crucial role in maintaining the preservation of these mystifying species, over countless generations.

Our visit was thought-provoking and stimulating. It has inspired us to look for ways to be conservationists in our own lives.

“The greatest day of my life”

Xavier C
Year 11 Student