RMIT Big Day In Excursion

On July 16, Unit 1 & 2 Applied Computing and Creative Digital Media students participated in RMIT’s Big Day In. This event is held for Year 9-12 students from a variety of schools, allowing them to explore what it means to have a career in the technology industry. RMIT hosted the event this year in the Capitol Theatre; this event included many guest speakers from companies such as Adobe, the Australian Space Agency, NAB and the Australian Government’s Australian Signals Directorate.

Students had the opportunity to explore potential career pathways with these companies. We were encouraged to ask questions to learn more about how emerging and existing technologies are playing a role in shaping our future. As an added benefit, with each specific, interesting question asked, there was a chance to receive a raffle ticket to get in the draw to win prizes supplied by the sponsors.

I found the Big Day In to be an interesting and engaging excursion. The guest speakers at the event were extremely thorough and engaging, answering any questions students asked and providing further, specific information at their respective booths.

Personally, I most enjoyed Peter William’s presentation, the founder and CEO of Deloitte Digital. Peter Williams is recognised as a practitioner in innovation, being one of Australia’s top digital influencers. His presentation focused on the problem-solving capability of technology, highlighting the importance of Artificial Intelligence, critical thinking and creativity as essential factors to be able to thrive in the future of the industry.

It was a great experience to get firsthand insight into how technology is continuing to evolve and further integrate itself into our daily lives, and I thank Mrs Nazar and Mr Dorrat for giving us the opportunity to attend the event.

Liam M
Year 11