Tech Week Recap

Salesian College’s First Tech Week ran this year from the 6th-9th of June. Here’s a recap of everything we did:


Monday: As part of Tech Week, we ran an exciting Lego Design Challenge, where students used Lego pieces to build a design solution for a given design scenario. This event was organised at lunch time in the library. A huge success!

Tuesday: The day kicked off by a special presentation for all Year 7s. STEM educator, Sam Kingsley from the Brainary spoke about the growing robotics industries in Aurtralia and across the world. He discussed different ways robotics are being used within Australia and the skilled workforce that is needed to help the industry grow. Students participated wholeheartedly by answering as well as asking questions.

We ran two workshops for interested year 8 students, where they got to sign, build and program their robot to deliver goods from one place to another. It was based on the sustainable development goal of No Poverty. Enabling the transportation of goods provides economic opportunities to different communities.  Students thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and actively participated in the challenges that were put to them.

The last workshop of the day ran at Mannix campus for Year 9 students. Here students were working on implementing self-driving car idea. They worked in groups to build and program their robot to autonomously drive around the room and avoid obstacles. This assignment is based on the sustainable development goal of Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

As an exciting new initiative from the Technology dept, we have started a club (The Mavericks) where students design, build and fly their own model airplanes. This workshop ran after school for six weeks this term, concluding on the 7th June. Mr Ashmore graciously made some time to come down and see student work, he also tried his hands on flying one of the model planes. Students were handed their certificates of completion as well by Mr. Ashmore.

On Wednesday lunchtime these members demonstrated their models in action. Many other students were invited to try their hands on navigating the airplanes as well. There was a lot of noise and thrill at the venue; we had a steady flow of students who lined up to have a go at flying. The Mavericks club will run again in term 3, so if you want to become a member watch this space!


Thursday: To celebrate teachers and their dedication towards students and education, the technology department organised a morning tea for recess. Staff members enjoyed an educational quiz about our department while sipping on their teas and coffees. We like to think the biscuits hit a sweet spot!

The last event of the day was at lunchtime, where students were invited to participate in Kahoots battle. Students came in droves, and the atmosphere was electric. We played three quizzes, MovieTix vouchers were handed out to the winners. There was a lot of cheering, clapping, sighs and cries during this session – a bit of a mix between a concert and a footy match? A few students have insisted that we run this every week!

This week wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our team and many other hands that helped us to run it smoothly. Despite the mayhem of exams and marking we managed to steal some hours to celebrate what we do, and who we are. A rewarding and heart-warming exercise that I hope we continue to do over the years.

Fatima Nazar | Head of Technologies