The Conversation… is a parent-focused evening designed to stimulate intergenerational discussions in comfortable environment. Each workshop has been developed by students from Salesian College, Mazenod College, Avila College and Sacred Heart Girls’ College who are eager to share their insights, experiences and voice on the topics that matter most to them.

Tuesday 8 August at 7pm.

Ballygriffin, Avila College
35 Charles St, Mt Waverley

Welcome & Intro | 7:00pm – 7:15pm
Session 1 | 7:20pm – 7:50pm
Session 2 | 8:00pm – 8:30pm

Two sessions will be held during the evening and you will be able to select 4 workshops you are interested in from the list below:

Parental Guidance (PG)
PG: Parental Guidance – Because Your Kid’s Future Depends on It (Sort of)

A workshop focusing on supporting your young person’s decisions:
• Open conversation about your child’s future.
• Understanding educational pathways.
• What is VCE/VM/VET?
• How to have an open and honest conversation with your child.

Not the Same Now
• A workshop that explores modern bullying behaviours in society, at school and in the workplace and the differences between peer conflict and bullying.

Clear your fears: Social Media
You want to Protect…

We want to Connect!
• Helping parents navigate the world of social media through the eyes of young people. A workshop that explores social media and includes handy tips for parents.

Scratching Stereotypes
Ripping off the labels and creating an open table
• Stereotypes create markers and signals within our community that can alter our perception and discourage choice. In this workshop we look at the physical, cultural and gender stereotypes that can hold us back from discovering new opportunities.

Gender and Identity
R.I.G: Relationships, Identity and Gender
• This workshop encourages conversations regarding our youth’s relationship with gender and identity, touching on high school relationships. These topics can be difficult to foster within the home, which is where we come in; educating and fostering these conversations between like-minded adults in order to better understand and support the next generation of young adults.

The Illusion of a Smile
Impact of pressures of Mental Health on Young People
• Understanding your child’s mental health can allow you to help and support them in their future endeavours. Acknowledging and discussing the pressure that school can put on your child’s mind can allow you to build and strengthen your relationship and develop a support network within their school, home, and social environments.

Breaking the Mould
Anxiety and Coping Strategies
• For today’s youth the many varying challenging and life experiences that they encounter can at times have an impact on their mental health. This workshop provides an opportunity to provide an insight into the young person’s world and discuss strategies and ideas that can be implemented to build stronger relationships with trusted adults.

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