Peter Liptai Wins Premier’s VCE Award for excellence in Hungarian Language

Salesian College Chadstone student Peter Liptai received top honours last week for his outstanding VCE results in 2022.

Peter Liptai received a Premier’s VCE Award for excellence in Hungarian Language, making him one of the top Hungarian Language students in the state.

“Studying Hungarian has been a significant commitment throughout the past 12 years, and accepting the Premier’s VCE Award was a surreal moment. It felt incredibly rewarding to see all the effort I invested over the years being formally recognised and acknowledged. The language holds immense importance to my cultural heritage and identity, and this achievement serves as a reminder that dedication and perseverance do lead to remarkable accomplishments.

Whilst this award is a milestone of my own, it is important to acknowledge the profound support and dedication I received from my mother and teacher on this journey. Their extensive knowledge of the language proved crucial in expanding my vocabulary and honing my language skills to a sophisticated level. I am deeply grateful for my teacher’s exceptional preparation for the exams, as her invaluable guidance and expertise paved the way for my success.

This award has definitely boosted my spirits as I approach the end of Year 12, knowing that all our hard work will ultimately be recognised,” said Peter.

Salesian College Chadstone Principal Mark Ashmore said the entire school community was proud of Peter Liptai.

”Salesian College is very proud of Peter’s outstanding achievement in studying a language. He is an outstanding role model for other students in our community, not only in his approach to academic studies but also in his extra-curricular roles as College Vice-Captain and on stage through his love of the Performing Arts.”

300 of Victoria’s brightest students were recognised by this year’s Premier’s VCE Awards.

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Mark Ashmore
Principal, Salesian College Chadstone