ACC Sports Report

ACC Hockey
Senior Hockey- The senior hockey team played Parade at Waverley Hockey Centre. The commitment of the boys is second to none happily coming in on a student free day and they were rewarded with an important 3-0 victory. Best players for Salesian were Brodie Vanderhorst, Gus Roach and Daniel Biviano. Great work.

Year 10 Hockey- The year 10 hockey boys had a tough game against St Bernard’s at St Bernard’s. Despite the long drive, late game and missing personnel, the boys tried their best all day but were ultimately defeated 6-0. Salesian’s best were Damon Guerrieri, Ethan Collins and Jack Waters. Well done boys.

 Year 9 Hockey- The year 9 hockey side came up against De La Salle at home this week. In what was a tight game, Salesian just fell short going down 3-1 despite their great efforts. The best players this week were Daniel Baxter, Jared Fernandez and Michael Conforti. Well done boys.

 Year 8 Hockey- Due to their upcoming camp, the year 8 hockey team played a make-up game against Emmanuel at Altona Hockey Club on Monday as well as their regular game against Parade on Thursday. The boys had a very strong 3-0 win over Emmanuel on Monday controlling the game and applying relentless pressure all day they. Major contributors to this win were Mitch Loeding, Noah Montgomery and Luke Yankov. On Thursday, the boys picked up where they left off with another good 5-2 win over Parade. Best players in this match were Harry Cashman, Noah Montgomery and Luke Yankov. Great week boys!

 Year 7 Hockey- The year 7 hockey side took on St Bede’s at Waverley Hockey Centre this week. It was a tough match up for the boys but they tried hard all day and displayed their resilience, conceding four goals in the first half, but significantly bettering their performance to just concede one in the second (5-0). Despite the scoreline there were plenty of positives to take out of the match including great contributions from Nicolas Fiorello, Jesse Downs and Noah Narayan. Good work boys.

ACC Basketball
Senior A & B Basketball- The senior A & B basketball teams made the short trip to De La Salle for their round 3 match. They boys played really well and had two comprehensive wins – the scoreline reading 62-36 for the A’s and 52-25 for the B’s. Best players for the A side included Christian Morases, Jack Sclazi and Nic Clifton. Amongst the best for the B side were Spencer Mathieson, Benji Mathieson and Connor Montgomery. Well done boys.

 Year 10 A & B Basketball- The year 10 A & B basketball teams took on Mazenod at Mazenod.  The A team played some quality basketball but unfortunately just fell short, losing to Mazenod 49-55. The B team worked hard all day but also unfortunately lost 26-60. Best players included Ben Fardell, Ollie Mann and Lochlain Keleher for the A team as well as Thenuk Devendra, Snowy Evans and Alvin Lee for the B team. Good work boys.

Year 9 A & B Basketball- The year 9 A & B basketball teams took on Whitefriars at Whitefriars this week. The boys played really strong games of basketball against quality opposition unfortunately falling short in both. The A team’s scoreline read 38-62 and the B team’s, 58-70. Amongst the best were Daniel Cochrane, Jackson Cerovac and Sam Millares for the A’s as well as Isaac Ng, Austin Greenfell and Callum Thieu in the B team. Good work boys.

 Year 8 A & B Basketball- The year 8 A & B teams had the hard task of travelling to Bundoora to take on Parade. The A and B sides both tried their best but unfortunately fell short of their opposition on this occasion, defeated by Parade in both matches. The A and B scorelines reading 39-62 and 31-74 respectively. Salesian’s best were Jiho Lee, Lucus Caia and Wiliam Scalzi in the A game and James Tanner, Zach Sahib and Rennie Edwards for the B team. Well done to all.

Year 8 C & D Basketball- The year 8 C & D teams also had two games this week with a make-up game on Monday playing against St Joseph’s Ferntree Gully in the Bosco Hall. Unfortunately it was not be as both teams were defeated by St Joseph’s 13-32 and 8-34 respectively. Nonetheless the boys gave one hundred percent all game. Salesian’s best were Jesse Gosal, Gadwich Thiep and Brady Shipton for the C team and Tehan Samarakoon Emilio Bellistri and Matthew Rowley for the D team. On Thursday, the boys also played quality opposition in Parade. Both teams again tried hard all day but unfortunately were beaten in both games. The scores were 16-47 in the C game and 21-68 in the D game.  Best players for the C’s were Calvin Gillespie, Jesse Gosal and Gadwich Thiep and the best players for the D’s were Emilio Bellistri, Tehan Samarakoon and Matthew Rowley. Good work boys.

 Year 7 A & B Basketball- The year 7 A & B teams had the hard task of taking on St Bernard’s this week. The A and B sides both played good games of basketball but unfortunately fell short of their opposition. Their respective scorelines reading 29-39 and 17-44. Amongst the best were Sebastian Bayard Angus Chetwin and Curtis Middleton for the A team plus Emmett Baldwin, Josh Antony & Zachary Kolivas for the B team. Well done to all.

ACC Table Tennis
Senior Table Tennis-  The senior table tennis team had a bye this week.

Year 10 Table Tennis- The year 10 table tennis team travelled to Mentone to play St Bede’s. In a great display of table tennis Salesian had a really important win defeating St Bede’s 9 matches 32 sets to 6 matches 43 sets. James Wright, Alex Karamanlis and Andrew Byun all played very well. Well done boys.

Year 9 Table Tennis- The year 9 table tennis team also took on St Bede’s this week. The boys had a really strong win over at Mannix defeating St Bede’s 9 matches 48 sets to 6 matches 27 sets. Salesian’s best on the day were Siddharth Vinod, Nicholas Dermitzakis and Christian Karrison. Good work boys.

Year 8 Table Tennis- The year 8 table tennis team faced off against Parade at Parade. The boys were really close and kept challenging Parade right until the end but couldn’t quite get over the line this week. The final score was Salesian 5 matches 31 sets defeated by Parade 10 matches 44 sets. Amongst the best were Navik Rathnasinghe, Joshua Packham and Archie Carter. Good effort boys.

Year 7 Table Tennis- The year 7 table tennis team took on St Bede’s at home. The boys worked really hard but were ultimately defeated by quality opposition. The final scores were Salesian 3 matches and 19 sets to St Bede’s 12 matches and 56 sets. Amongst the best were William Brooks-Gay, Ryan Pandey and William McKenzie. Good work all.