St Mary Salesian Gold Saints Lunch

One of the strategic focus areas for the College under the 2022-26 Strategic Plan is to develop community relationships with those within or new to our community. The College has recently reconnected with St Mary’s Salesian Amateur Football Club, which is the product of a merger between Salesian Old Collegians Amateur Football Club and St Mary’s Football Club in 2008. We are working with St Mary’s Salesian to establish an Under 19’s football team, so our Year 12s remain connected beyond their school years.

We have had some important ties with St Mary’s Salesian (past and present). Mr. Heath Chipperfield, one of our teachers, was appointed life membership in 2022 and has won every individual award the club has to offer. Mr. Simon Greely, our Year 7 Coordinator, was also selected on the half forward flank for the all-time best team for Salesian Old Collegians (which operated between 1989 and 2007).

On Saturday 27 May, I was invited to attend the St Mary’s Salesian Gold Saints Lunch to meet their community of past and present players, families, and friends. The guest speakers for the lunch were Harry Sheezel and George Wardlaw, the up-and-coming football stars of the North Melbourne Kangaroos. Both players spoke eloquently about their pathway to becoming elite sportspeople. The key theme that resonated with me was their commitment to their education, as well as their football which is a wonderful example of what is possible.

I wish to thank Penny Heath (President) and Richard Briggs (Committee Member – Sponsorship and Partnerships) for the warm hospitality as we seek to foster relationships, connections, and opportunities and welcome existing and new members to the College community.

Daniel Nguyen
Business Manager