Year 11 VM – Victorian Tunnel Centre Excursion

On Monday, May 15th, the Year 11 VCE-VM boys headed down to the Victorian Tunnel Centre to learn about various job opportunities on offer. Since the Victorian Tunnel Centre is located near the College, we were able to walk there and arrived at 10 am. Gary and Maddy warmly welcomed us and were eager to show us around. The day began with an introduction from Gary, who then instructed us to put on high-visibility vests and hard hats to ensure our safety before starting the tour.

Our first stop led us to the training tunnel, which surprised us as it is one of only four in the world. This miniature tunnel serves as a training ground for Victorian Services, and Gary and Maddy demonstrated how different emergency services utilize it for training purposes.

During the tour, we also had the opportunity to see the enormous boring machine. Gary explained that these machines can excavate anywhere between 1-10 meters of dirt, rocks, or rubble per day. He also highlighted the risks involved in deep underground excavation, which is why tunnel digging takes a considerable amount of time.

Later, Maddy guided us to a classroom exclusively designed for female learners. The aim of this space is to make females feel more comfortable in their learning environment and to help them learn in a safe setting.

Throughout our visit, we discovered numerous job opportunities within tunnel works, not only in Victoria but also around the world. It was fascinating to learn about the intricacies of working in a tunnel, including how communication functions in such a dark and noisy environment. We also realized how fortunate we are to have a world-class training facility right on our doorstep.

Rafael E
Year 11 VM