Year 11 Product Design Technology – IKEA Excursion

“On the 15th of February, 2023, our Unit One Production Design and Technology class, visited IKEA, Springvale. The trip was an assessed visit, with a further analysis of sustainable furniture. Through the tour, we found furniture products to use as inspiration to develop a further understanding of what it means to make sustainable furniture.

We identified common features and traits of value to further express them in our own designs. This also included interviewing employees, researching materials and comparing products to our own.

We took photos, recorded information and even ate some of IKEA’s notable Swedish meatballs in the cafeteria. Then complete the SAC sheets in the time given. After that, some of us got to buy some boost juice if we had time and then took some class photos.

The trip to IKEA allowed the knowledge and ability of ourselves to thrive and will, in future, greatly benefit us for Production and Design.”
Elijah | Year 11

Students’ Testimonials

“While an excursion to IKEA is not everyone’s ideal way of spending 3 hours, having my Year 11 classmates along with my teachers and supervisors made it a blast. Mr Peacock also lightened the mood on the bus while Ms Xu provided excellent advice and was always helpful. Overall, the trip was a positive experience that I would love to do again.”
Dylan | Year 11

“I really enjoyed my time at IKEA, it was a different but fun experience. I enjoyed walking around with my class mates finding different products that were sustainable and better for the environment. It was a more interesting way to do an assessment and it was more enjoyable then just sitting at a desk and writing the whole time. Overall, it was a fun productive experience and I really enjoyed my time at IKEA.”
Leonardo | Year 11

“My experience at IKEA was very good, as it helped me gain ideas and knowledge about my SAC. Walking through each furniture room on display also gave me a good indication on designs for rooms and projects that I might produce in the future. Working with Leo and Lukas really helped as we worked together to gain knowledge and gave each other ideas. Overall, it was a good experience, we had lots of fun, laughs, and most importantly we finished our SAC.”
Paul Mastoras | Year 10

“The IKEA excursion was an experience loaded with information, we studied different aspects of product design such as the sustainability of products. IKEA has information bubbles on the wall which explained to you how their products are eco-friendly while providing the benefits of these products. The experience was hands on, allowing us to get a feel for the products, deepening our understanding of design materials. This experience was one to remember, it was very fun seeing the products in real life compared to sitting at a desk and googling it.”
Lukas Vamvakitis| Year 11