Unit 1 Business Management

Businesses of all sizes are major contributors to the economic and social wellbeing of our nation. The Unit 1 Business Management course asks students to investigate the concept of entrepreneurship and consider how these ideas can be fostered ensure the success of any future business venture.

To connect this classroom learning with real-world application, Unit 1 students formed groups of 3 and developed an idea for a business that could sell tap water or air to their target market of Year 10 students. Students had to get creative and develop ways to make a free commodity attractive to their customers for a price.

Once the initial business idea had been developed, groups conducted market research, financial analysis and a SWOT analysis to determine the feasibility of their idea, culminating in a thorough business plan. The boys will continue to refine their business ideas and will ultimately pitch their ideas in a Shark Tank style presentation to Year 10 students for “investment”.

Rachel Holland |Commerce Teacher