From the Principal

With the start of each academic year there is a sense of change.

I welcome new students and their families to the College and wish them all the best for the years ahead in our Salesian family.

I also extend a warm welcome to new and returning staff to the College. I trust that they will be welcomed by our students, staff and families into the community and that they find joy in the experience with our Salesian charism.

Below is a list of new and returning staff to the College in 2023.

Teaching Staff
  • Alexandra Cust
  • Richard Dowling
  • Lisa Dupuy
  • Ashleigh Jones
  • Kate Nugara
  • Liz O’Connell
  • Andrew Sambell (YLC)
  • Shirley Shao
  • Sinead Waterson
  • Nigel Yates
  • Amy Zou
  • Matthew van Emmerik
  • Ben Cooke
Learning Diversity Team
  • Robert Tighe (HOD)
  • Bernadette Clancey
  • Grainne Doyle
  • Montana Eisenhauer
  • Catherine McKinnon
  • Zac Rodezno


  • Chloe Rapson

Administration/Finance staff

  • Summer Huang – Finance Officer
  • Sandra Shen – Finance Officer
  • Trudy Skarajew – Marketing Coordinator

I am very pleased to say that at Salesian many staff have put themselves forward for Position of Leadership (POL) positions to serve our community. Leading in a Salesian school is important to help enable others use their talents.

“Let us carry our crosses with love; let us see that they do not become a burden to others, but let us help others carry theirs.”

St John Bosco

Congratulations to the successful candidates and I wish them all the very best as they take on these important roles in 2023.

Position of Leadership Staff Member
Assistant Principal – Mission & Staff Culture Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Students & Engagement Richard Bourbon
Assistant Principal – Strategy & Organisation Robert Mercer
Assistant Principal – Learning & Teaching (Term 1) Byron Chen/Monique Capomolla/Emma Marsh
Director of Students (7-12) Byron Chen
Director of Professional Learning Sarah Roberts
Head of Learning Diversity Robert Tighe
Director of Learning Outcomes Irene Apostolopoulos
Year 7 Coordinator Simon Greely
Year 8 Coordinator Craig Giles
Year 9 Coordinator Paul Azar
Assistant Year 9 Coordinator Anthony Anastasio
Year 10 Coordinator Lexi Tsiavis
Year 11 Coordinator Andrew Sambell
Year 12 Coordinator Deb Rabot
Head of House – Annecy Nick Dunmill
Head of House – Collinson Thomas Andrews
Head of House – Moroney Styron Augustus
Head of House – Savio Jayden Hawkes
Head of English Monique Capomolla
Head of Mathematics Angela Liyanage
Head of Humanities Rachel Holland
Head of Science Emma Marsh
Head of Religious Education Daryl Barclay
Head of Visual Arts Roslyn Aylward
Head of Languages Alvin Zhang
Head of Human Development Stuart Hill
Head of Technology Fatima Nazar
Head of Performance Adam Croft
Head of Sport Steve Loonstra
Sports Academy Coordinator Stephen Sellwood
Biretta Program Coordinator Nick Shaw
Data Mentor Simon Dorrat
Student Leadership Coordinator Anthony Anastasio/Molly O’Shea
VCE Co-ordinator Atul Khambete
Head of Applied Learning Kathryn Zwalf
Pathways Coordinator Damian McAuliffe
Social Justice & Immersion Coordinator Chris Seeber
Liturgy Coordinator Gazielle Pinilli
Retreat Coordinator Mikayla Domini