ACC Sports Report

ACC Tennis

 Senior Tennis- BYE

ACC Volleyball

Senior Volleyball- The senior volleyball boys took on St. Bernard’s at St. Bernard’s College. The A boys played first and played really well against a very strong volleyball school. The boys won 2 sets and 74 points Salesian to 1 set and 63 points St. Bernard’s. Amongst the best were Toby Fenton, Diesel Williams and Matthew Ngodara. The B boys played next and played very well and were good on the day with winning the match 2 sets and 67 points Salesian to 1 sets and 54 points St. Bernard’s. Amongst the best were Will Thurston, Ollie Arnott and Christian Moraes. Well done to both teams on a very good win and hopefully this can give us good momentum with only a few games left!

ACC Cricket

Senior Cricket- The senior cricket team took on St. Joseph’s FTG at the Wally Tew Reserve. The boys did really well with bowling first and keeping St. Joseph’s FTG to only 10/72 after 19.3 overs. Salesian came out and played really well against a good bowling attack in St. Joseph’s FTG. Salesian won the match with scoring 5/72 after 11.2 overs of play. Amongst the best were Gus Roach, Jake Easton and Ben Brooks. Well done boys.

ACC Athletics:

ACC Athletics – The boys had a very early start this year with starting the carnival at 9am at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park. The wind was heavy and made the conditions for all athletes difficult. The day was shortened with less events due to the hot weather that was coming around 12-1pm. The Salesian boys did very well with staying in division 1, finishing 6th out of the 7 schools in division 1, where the competition is very difficult and many of the schools in division 1 have a lot of good athletes for athletics. Well done to everyone who represented Salesian well. Thanks to all the helpers in year 9 and 10 also, as they helped the ACC run and assist the carnival on the day. It was a very successful day with lots of preparation that goes into ACC events.