ACC Sports Report

ACC Tennis

Senior Tennis – The senior tennis boys took on De La Salle at Oakleigh Tennis. The boys didn’t do as well as expected and knew it was going to be a hard day against good opposition with losing the match 10 sets and 93 games to De La Salle to 2 sets and 59 games Salesian College. Amongst the best players are Jayden De Kauwe, Julian Metsios and Avellino Jones.

ACC Volleyball

Senior Volleyball – The senior volleyball boys took on St. Bede’s at Oakleigh Recreation Centre. The A boys played first and played really well. The boys won 2 sets and 62 points Salesian to 1 set and 66 points St. Bede’s. We had no bests this week with too many boys to pick from! The B boys played next and played very well and were very competitive with winning the match 3 sets and 75 points Salesian to 0 sets and 57 points St. Bede’s . We had no bests this week with too many boys to pick from! Well done to both teams.

ACC Cricket

Senior Cricket – The senior cricket team took on Parade at the Bosco Oval. The boys did really well with bowling first and keeping Parade to only 9/79 after 20 overs. Salesian came out and played well against a good bowling attack in Parade. Salesian won the match with scoring 2/81 after 10.1 overs of play. Amongst the best were Gus Roach, Jack Iverson and Gishan Fernando. Well done boys.