ACC Sports Report

ACC Tennis
Senior Tennis- The senior tennis boys took on Mazenod at Oakleigh Tennis Club. The boys tried very hard and had a very good tennis school in Mazenod. Not the result we wanted with Mazenod winning, the final scored were Mazenod 7 sets and 63 games to Salesian 5 sets and 63 games. Amongst the best were Jayden De Kauwe, Julian Metsios and William Kesuma.

 ACC Volleyball
Senior Volleyball- The senior volleyball boys took on Mazenod at Oakleigh Recreation Centre. Mazenod is one of the best volleyball schools in the state, we knew it was going to be a big challenge going aginast them. The A boys started and tried hard but didn’t get the win on this occasion. The final scores were Mazenod 3 sets and 75 points to Salesian 0 set and 46 points. The B boys played after the A boys, the final scores were Mazenod 2 sets and 74 points to Salesian 1 set and 68 points. Amongst the best for the A’s were Diesel Williams, Matthew Ngodara and Toby Fenton. Amongst the best for the B’s were Luca Mandile, Stefan Ianno and William Thurston.

ACC Cricket
Senior Cricket- The senior cricket boys took on St. Joseph’s FTG at Salesian College (Bosco Oval). The boys had a slow start, but eventually got into the rhythm of the game. St. Joseph’s bowled first and were all out for 82 after 18.5 overs. Salesian went into bat and did very well with finishing the game 0/83 after 8.1 overs. Amongst the best were Jack Iverson, Gus Roach and Lachlan McFarlan.

Well done boys.