ACC Public Speaking

“This year, we had our first in-person ACC Public Speaking and debating competition in three years. I participated in the ACC public speaking division, although we also had a debating team comprised of year nines and tens. For the debating team, there was a series of 3 debates, each one getting increasingly more difficult, as the team had only been told the topic of the first debate, and had to quickly write speeches and arguments without prior research, testing their debating skills. After a hard day of debating, they ended up with an honourable 4th place of division two.

The other side of our ACC team, that of Public Speaking, tasked two people to each present two speeches, as well as two others to each present both a prepared and impromptu speech. Our speakers chose to speak about social media, homelessness, mental health, two speeches about the environment and climate change, as well as a speech about the movie Dune. Our public speaking team spoke extremely well, managing to pull through and place first overall, just edging out 2nd place, St Jospeh’s Ferntree Gully, by a mere two points.

It was an extremely engaging, exciting and competitive day, and we are all looking forward to next year’s iteration of the ACC Public Speaking and Debating competition.”

Thomas | Year 9 Student and Public Speaker