Year 8 Mock Elections

“Recently, my peers and I have undergone the experimental day about politics and how they work.

On that day we joined a zoom meeting and listened to a teacher explain why politics are important and how each role is unique. After learning the basics of politics, it was our turn to become politicians. Our goal for the day was to create a party and persuade others why they should vote for us. From the start of the day all the way to the end of the day we finally finished our political speech. After hours of work we filmed our speech and sent it too our teachers. Finally, we watched our peer’s speech’s and voted on a winner. Overall, the experimental day gave us an insight of how politics work and how our government keeps us safe. It pushed our minds outside the box and made us rely on each other for help. On behalf of the Year 8 cohort I can confidentially say we all enjoyed the day and wish for another one like it in the upcoming future.”

Seth | Year 8 Student