ACC Sports Blog – 15/7/22

ACC Hockey

Senior Hockey- The senior hockey boys had a strong first win against a very strong school in Mazenod College. It was our first match for the season and we didn’t disappoint with winning the match 6-0 in the end. Amongst the best were Gus Roach, Harry D’Rozario and Daniel Amendola. Well done boys and hopefully they can do well especially being the last term the boys ever play ACC for the college.

Year 10 Hockey- The year 10 hockey boys had there first game for the season at Waverley Hockey Centre. They started extremely well against a very strong school of Mazenod College. They were up 2-0 at half time. They started to put the burners on with scoring 4 goals in the last half to win the match 6-0. Well done to the boys for winning there first game and hopefully gives a good starter and momentum for the season. Amongst the best were Oliver De Luca, Zac Dunne and Vas Michaelides.

Year 9 Hockey- The year 9 hockey boys had a draw for the first match of the season with travelling out to Parade College for a very tough match against a very strong school. The first half was a tight match with the scores being 0-0 at half time. The second half came with a few goals for both sides, unfortunately it was a draw. Really good to see a amazing standard of hockey. Amongst the best players were Jaiden D’Rozario, Ethan Collins and Samuel Iverson.

Year 7 Hockey- No game.


ACC Basketball

Senior A & B Basketball- The senior boys had a very strong win against Emmanuel College for both the A’s and B’s. The A’s had the first game and won 60 to 51 in a very tight and competitive game. Amongst the best were James Peluso, Harry Chetwin and Jack Scalzi. The B’s went on next and had more of a convincing win with only having 7 players in total for the match. Well done on a good performance boys. The final score was 56 to 30. Amongst the best were Seb Millares, Enrique Soria and Sethh Burby.

Year 10 A & B Basketball- The year 10 basketball boys had there first game of the season at Waverley Basketball. The boys started really strongly and had wins for both the 10 A’s and 10 B’s. The A’s won the match 52 to 37 over St. Bernard’s. Amongst the best were Isaac McKnight, Isaac Deayton and Jun Lee. The B’s won the match 43-25 against St. Bernard’s. Amongst the best were Yokwan Kak, Steve Okoumousis and Benji Mathieson. Well done boys on a good start for the year. Hopefully more wins to come.

Year 9 A & B Basketball- The year 9 basketball boys had a huge bus ride to Parade College. The boys didn’t played there best basketball but nothing taking away from Parade College, who are one of the better basketball schools in the division. The A’s lost 57 to 25. Amongst the best were Connor Keleher, Lochlain Keleher and Oliver Mann. The B’s lost only just with going down by 2 points against Parade College. The final scores were 35 to 33. Amongst the best were Stefan Ivkovic, Tate Mole and Snowy Evans.

Year 7 A & B Basketball- No game.

Year 7 C & D Basketball- No game.


ACC Table Tennis

Senior Table Tennis- The senior boys had the hardest school in table tennis for ACC with Mazenod College. The boys had a strong performance even with not getting the win. The final scores were 11 sets and 46 games too Mazenod to our Salesian 4 sets and 29 games. Amongst the best players were Tom Gardner,

Year 10 Table Tennis- The year 10 table tennis boys had there first match for the college on home soil at Bosco Hall. The boys played a very competitive Mazenod College, who are known to be very handy with the bat and ball in table tennis. The boys lost the singles 6 sets to 4. The boys played very well individually but played just as could in teams with winning the teams 3-2 sets. The match was won by Mazenod College 8 sets and 41 games to Salesian 7 sets and 34 games. Amongst the best were Will Thurston, Zidane Heldt and Fadhal Hussein.

Year 9 Table Tennis- The year 9 table tennis boys had a big bus trip to Parade College. The boys had a smashing victory with winning 13 sets to 2 sets. Parade are always a strong school and shows how well our boys did to play like that at a away venue. Amongst the best were Josh Schroder, Max Schroder and James Wright. Well done boys and hopefully this form can continue for the season and make it deep into finals.

Year 7 Table Tennis- No game.


Geordie Nagle | Sports Manager