The World Around Us – Toy Making

Today in World around us we had a task that included making a toy that made sound, moved, and used light. The task was fun, creative and was interesting as it included different energy transformations, however it was stressful because we had a lot to do, and problems did arise throughout the process, but we were able to overcome them to in the end make a great toy car. The energy transformations went from gravitational potential energy to potential energy, to kinetic energy and then when it stops moving potential energy. Our group worked well as a team, and we had fun throughout the process.

Bayley| The World Around Us Student

This task was very enjoyable but there was high pressure as we had a short time limit and the wiring was quite complicated. The car that we had created used 2 motors, a battery holder and 9V battery and a cool controller that was connected via a wire to the car. The car was made up of a large bottle, a long plastic tube, a plastic straw, two old toy car wheels and cardboard wheels. This task took us a total of 3 hours to complete but was very stressful (for me at least) because the wiring was not working properly, but eventually we got it to work, and the motors were finally spinning, and it felt so much better.

Andrew | The World Around Us Student

Today in world around us we had to make a toy that had at least 3 different types of energy, the things we chose were light energy, kinetic energy and sound energy. This was a very fun task, it made us work together and it was a great group activity. It was a very hard challenge because we only had a day to do all of it and it was very stressful because we ran out of materials and had to use makeshift material so we could finish our toy!

Zac|The World Around Us Student