ACC Sports Blog – 17/6/22

ACC Football

Senior Football- The senior football boys had a home final against the strongest school in the ACC division 2 St. Joseph’s FTG. The boys started very slow with being down 45-8 at half time. The boys had a stronger 3rd quarter with kicking a few goals with the wind. In the end the boys didn’t have the best day on the football field. The boys ended up losing 42-92. Pretty disappointing for the boys. They have finished the season for the year. Well done to all the boys, they will remember this season for a very long time and for being the last one for the college as well. Amongst the best were Angus Stanton, Calvin Lehr and Nic Clifton.

 Year 8 Football- The year 8 football boys travelled down to Wally Tew Reserve to take on one of the strongest sides all year in St. Joseph’s FTG. They started very slowly with being down at half time by 35 points. St. Joseph’s FTG continued their form into the second half with winning their match by 50 points. Well done to all the boys from going from last year with not winning many games into this year with playing a semi final against a very strong school in St. Joseph’s FTG. Amongst the best were Zac Bayard, Lucas Smith and Jackson Cerovac. Well done boys and hopefully next year it can be a different result.

 Year 7 Football- The year 7 football boys travelled down with the year 8’s to Wally Tew Reserve. They took on St. Joseph’s FTG, which were the only side to defeat Salesian College at home. The boys started very well with being only 5 points down at half time. The boys needed a massive second half with St. Joseph’s FTG continuing their form and winning the match by 7 points in the end. Well done for everyone and what a way to start the season with nearly winning a semi-final against one of the stronger schools. Well done boys and yet another match where the coaches couldn’t select there best for the match. Well done boys!


ACC Soccer

Senior B Soccer- The senior B soccer boys played in there last match for the season against St. Bernard’s at St. Bernard’s. After yeat another road trip, they played with some heart but didn’t get the win. They lost the match 10-0. They have been under done this season with many injured and many out with other sickness. Well done for showing up boys. The college is proud of you. Amongst the best were Kosta Balakas, Camillo Angelucci and Brendan Russo. Well done boys.

 Year 9A Soccer- The year 9A soccer boys played in a home final at Gardiners Reserve in a must win to make it into the grand final the following week against the second strongest side all year in Parade College. Parade and Salesian started slowly with only being 0-0 at half time. After half time, it started to slowly shift moomnetum and Parade got on top with being 3-1 in the end with an impressive victory. Very disappointing for the boys as they were undefeated all year but couldn’t get the chocolates in the end. Well done for the boys on an impressive season and Mr. Anastasio with brilliant coaching. Well done boys and hopefully you can go one further next ACC season. Amongst the best were Josh Athas, Nick Grillo and Andrew Byun.

Year 8A Soccer- The year 8A soccer boys had yet another road trip to Parade College to play the strongest side all year in Parade. The boys were even all game and it was 0-0 until the last 5 minutes, Parade got a few late goals which gave them a 2-0 win in the end. The boys very dissapointed but in the end they had a strong year and competed every week. Well done to all those boys that played in the hardest match all year yesterday. Mr. Azar couldn’t give a best with so many putting there heart on the line for the college. Well done boys.

 Year 8B Soccer- The year 8B soccer boys had a home semi final agaisnt St. Bede’s. We played St. Bede’s at St. Bede’s in round 1 and had a good victory. The boys knew the opposiiton pretty well and knew they needed to play a specific way to win. The boys came out and exectured the plans set by Mr. Bentley with having a 3-0 lead at half time. The boys continued the momentum with winning the match in the end 6-0. Amongst the best were Noah White, Theo Horiatellis and Dion Voralis. Well done boys and good luck for next week when they take on Mazenod College for a home grand final.

 Year 7A Soccer- The 7A soccer boys played in a home semi final. They had a very compeitive year but didn’t go as planned with losing to the hardest opponets all year. The boys showed heart and for that reason Mr. Sellwood couldn’t give a best three. The boys were up 1-0 at hafl time but they got run over with a few boys out to sickness and a few boys under the weather whilst they were playing in the final. They ended up losing 2-1. Well done on a very solid year boys and hopefully that form can continue for the following years at the college.


Geordie Nagle | Sports Manager