ACC Sports Blog – 10/6/22

ACC Football

Senior Football- Bye. They will be playing in a home semi final next week. Well done boys and hopefully they can go into the following week playing for the premiership for senior football division 2. They will be playing St. Joseph’s FTG at home.

Year 10 Football- The year 10 football boys had to travel to Mazenod College to take on a very strong football side in Mazenod. This was a tough challenge with the boys being down by 17 points at half time. The boys toughed it out but it was a big win by Mazenod in the semi finals for Salesian College. The final score being 75 to 29 with Mazenod proceeding into the grand final. Special mentions to Mr. Hawkes and Mr. Ryan for the coaching all year. Another special mention to the boys, well done boys and hopefully they can take the good form into senior football next year. Amongst the best were Ricky Theodoropoulos, Isaac McKnight and Zac Dunne.

Year 9 Football- The year 9 football boys took on the top of the ladder St. Joseph’s FTG at home for there last game for the season. The boys were fired up and had there best performance for the season according to Mr. Cox and Mr. Campisano. The boys started well, being 21 to 69 down at half time. As much as the final scores say 40 to 85 with a St. Joseph’s FTG win, the coaches said that was an impressive effort. Well done St. Joseph’s on the win and good luck for finals. Amongst the best were Sasha Ung, Cooper Fry and Jack Waters.

Year 8 Football- The year 8 football boys took on St. Mary’s in a very wet match at home. The boys had a must win game with winning the game going into the semi finals or losing and not playing next week. The boys were nervous, excited and most importantly happy to be playing in such a crucial match for the year. The boys started slow with being down by 7 points at quarter time. The boys had a good little comeback with being in front by 3 at half time. The boys ended the match and were super happy with there efforts they displayed. The boys won the match 34-47. The boys now play St. Joseph’s FTG at St. Joseph’s FTG. They are the top side in the competition and will be a hard game playing out there. Amongst the best were Zac Billing, Lucas Smith and Riley Johnston. Well done boys.

Year 7 Football- The year 7 football boys had yet another road trip going to Newport for a match against a tough side in Emmanuel. They started the match slow and didn’t really get going. The boys weren’t too impressed with there efforts knowing that there is a home semi final on the line. The boys lost the match 54 to 23. Well done to Emmanuel, the boys will play against St. Joseph’s FTG at St. Joseph’s FTG in a match to secure a spot in the grand final. Good to see the boys getting into finals in the first year at the college. Amongst the best were Brady Shipton, Noah Montgomery and Mitch Loeding. Well done boys and good luck for next week.


ACC Soccer

Senior Soccer B- Bye. They will playing in the last round for the season against St. Bernard’s College. 

Year 9A Soccer- The year 9A soccer boys played in there last game for the season until semi finals next week. The boys finished on top and now they will have a home final next Tuesday. Well done to the boys on a 1-0 win over St. Bernard’s College. They had another big road trip but it was very enjoyable on the way home to get a win over St. Bernard’s at the snake pit. Well done to Mr. Anastasio on getting the boys into a home semi-final next week. Amongst the best were Nick Grillo, Andrew Byun and Harley Caimakamis.

Year 9B Soccer- The year 9B soccer boys had their semi-final at home against St. Bernard’s College. The boys started very well with being 1-0 at half time. They had a slow start to the second half and unfortunately the boys didn’t hold on for a win and St. Bernard’s scored 3 goals in the second half. The final scores were 3-1 with St. Bernard’s making the grand final for 9B soccer. Well done to the boys and Mr. Peacock on a good year, another step to be made next year with making it to the big dance. Well done boys. Amongst the best were Geoff Kong, Billy Kakarantzas and Harry Kukulovski. Well done boys.

Year 8A Soccer- The year 8A soccer boys played off in a match that would be the most important for the season with being able to secure a home semi final next week if they win or they play a away semi final against Parade, which are very hard side to beat at their home. The boys started well but ended the match being 2-1 against Mazenod. Well done for the boys being in a semi final but they wish they could have won that game yesterday. Amongst the best were Alex Lazos, Ross Zois and Dimitri Vouronikos. Well done boys on the effort.

 Year 8B Soccer- The year 8B soccer boys played against one of the better sides in the competition with St. Bernard’s being the challenge. The boys started well with a 2-0 half time lead. The boys entered the last half knowing they have to win and that if they do they can 100% secure a home semi-final. The boys did very well with winning the match 3-0. Well done boys. Amongst the best were Dion Voralis, Lucas Lazarou and Noah White. Well done boys and good luck for next week.

Year 7A Soccer- Bye. They will be playing in semi-finals next week. Yet to know who they are playing, they will need to rely on a few schools to secure a home final next week.

Year 7B Soccer- The year 7B soccer boys played in there last game for the season. It was a very outstanding way to win with getting 22-0 against a competitive De La Salle. This is an incredible effort and is one of the highest victories in 7B ACC history. Well done to all boys showing up on the last game to finish the season off well. Too many were in the best but just wanted to make a special mention to Brian Phung, who scored 5 goals yesterday. An amazing effort by everyone in the side and a good way to finish off the season for 7B Soccer. Well done boys.


Geordie Nagle | Sports Manager