Year 10 Art – Self-Portraits

The Year 10 Art class has generated a lot of activity this week, as the students develop their final artworks based on a self-portrait. After exploring and experimenting with various materials and techniques over the last several weeks, students now have developed a preference as well as insight for how they want to present their self-portrait. The understanding of art elements and principles, and how they also communicate visually, help to enhance this communication of their ideas even further.

For some students, the choice to create their self-portrait with highly detailed and fine work provides an insight communicates their personality, while for other students, the importance of an art element, such as colour provides a personal reflection on how they want the audience to view themselves as reflected in their work.

“During this unit of portraiture, I really enjoyed capturing realism in the portraits I created and doing a lot of the tonal work to show different angles and lighting. I have also learned that self-portraits can also be abstract and expressive and even though it may not look like someone at first, it has a deeper meaning. “

Angelo | Year 10 Art Student

“First off, I have learnt how there are many interesting ways and techniques to successfully create a self-portrait, whilst working on my own self-portrait, I have realised things about myself that were previously blurred in a way, such as that I love to draw very detailed and sophisticated non-realistic things. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed just the process of creating my self-portrait and that I’m satisfied with what I have completed so far.”

Zakk | Year 10 Art Student