Salesian Mavericks Club

The Mavericks is a club where we learn about planes and to eventually design our own fully functioning plane. In the first session we made planes out of paper and measured the distance our plane flew and how long it stayed in the air. We then graphed our findings and talked about ideas on how to improve airtime and distance.

We also learned about the Wright Brothers and their attempts at keeping the plane in the air and the distance it flew, and try to beat that. We learnt about Aviation alphabet, and now we can give our planes cool names like ‘Alpha Wolf 872’.

We also explored the wingspans and the wing sizes that will end up making the plane fly for a longer period of time, that will eventually beat the airtime and distance of the Wright Brothers of 12 seconds and 36 metres (120 feet). In the end we hope to beat the Wright brothers and have fun along the way.

Krish | Salesian Mavericks Club Member