Performing Arts Incursion – The Stones

On the first day of term 2 the Year 9 cohort watched the internationally award-winning play The Stones, created and performed by Zeal Theatre Company. Zeal have been annual visitors to our school for many years now and specialise in theatrical work for young people. It is a treat to be able to access and offer high quality innovative work to students who have mainly had very little, or no, exposure to live theatre.

“Stefo and Tom portrayed the characters amazingly and showed real passion when acting, they made the performance entertaining and enticing with the all the energy throughout the performance. Overall the play was amazing.” – Lucas

“Zeal Theatres performance of ‘The Stones’ was a truly amazing performance. Their use of instruments, allowed to create deeper emotion in the play, and truly understand what the boys were feeling.” – Aidan

“The actors were exceptional, they switched between characters effortlessly, it was scripted and rehearsed perfectly. Not only that but they were able to make countless different scenes from very little props.” – Matthew

“One of the things that was most impressive about the ZEAL performance was the way that they used a ladder and some steps to make many scenes that were unmistakeably different, somehow making a ladder a bar, a jail, a floor, and a bridge.” – Thomas

“The presentation was absolutely spectacular, especially considering all they had was two people, a ladder, two benches and some amazing electric guitars.” – Alex

After the performance Stefo and Tom from Zeal ran a workshop for our Year 9 Drama class, helping them to develop their work in progress. Year 9 Drama focuses on a performance of original work for Primary School students. They will be performing to an audience from St Peter’s Primary School Clayton on May 26. The advice and feedback they received from these two seasoned professionals was invaluable and has helped refine their work.

Adam Croft | Head of Performance