From the Principal

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20).

The comfort to Jesus’ disciples was that he was present amidst their responsibilities. It is an assurance that He will, in some way, be present among the disciples.

He is ever-present, existing in all places. Jesus is therefore with us.

The start to the term has begun vibrantly at Salesian College Chadstone. There have been many opportunities for community members to gather together in prayer and to build relationship with one another.

Jesus was present amongst us during these activities and events.

Staff Professional Learning Day

Our staff entered the term full of enthusiasm refreshed from the holidays and buoyed by hope from the Easter message. The Professional Learning Day focussed on Catholic identity formation by understanding belief through dialogue having interacted with symbols and rituals. The staff also spent time learning about emergency management to ensure the safety of our students and in curriculum design.

Anzac Day

The school marked the first major military battle fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I on April 25, 1915, with an Anzac Day service in the top yard that was streamed into classrooms.

It is important for our boys to reflect on the virtues displayed by the Anzacs — the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps — who landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey and fought a long battle. It was a moving ceremony

The service was a timely reminder considering the current Ukraine – Russian war, the loss of human life and the destruction to communities. The battle at Gallipoli caused a heavy loss of life with many soldiers not returning home to loved ones.

Year 8 Father Son and Year 7 Mother Son Evenings

It was wonderful to welcome parents back onto our Bosco campus this week. Year 8 boys and their fathers on Tuesday evening and Year 7 boys and their mothers on Wednesday evening gathered to experience the Time and Space program. Facilitated by Bill Jennings, the program is an important rite of passage for our young men to connect, open up conversations and share treasures with their loved ones.

Thank you to Mr Byron Chen (Dean of Middle Years), Mr Craig Giles (Year 8 Year Level Coordinator), Mr Heath Chipperfield (Year 7 Year Level Coordinator), staff and student volunteers for assisting during the evening.

Mother’s Day Breakfast

The Mother’s Day Breakfast was a success with over 450 attendees, the biggest College event involving parents since 2020 Assistant Principal – Mission and Staff Formation, Mrs Nadia Knight, described the event as one of the most wonderful occasions in the College’s recent history which not only celebrated the mums in our community but also acknowledged the tremendous sacrifice mother’s make in the many challenging situations around the world…just as Mary did as she stood at the foot of the Cross on which her son was crucified.

Gratitude to Fr Joe Dinh, Mrs Nadia Knight, Marketing and Development Team, Facilities Team and the Parents Association for their work in presenting such a vibrant community event.

School Review

The College is currently under taking the 5 yearly school review facilitated by the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) and National Assessment Services. Preparation for the review began in December with many documents prepared for the reviewers.

The first day focussed on compliance requirements including the VRQA minimum standards and child safety standards. The audit process ensures the College meets the minimum standards for school registration and other State and Commonwealth requirements for Catholic schools.

Days two and three supports the self-assessment and reflection of performance and growth in school improvement and informs planning for future growth. Feedback to be shared later in the term will allow us as a school to set the future improvement agenda aligned with our Strategic Plan.

Feast of Dominic Savio

The feast of Dominc Savio falls on the 6th of May. Dominic Savio was born in Italy, he lived from 1842 to 1857. It isn’t always easy to be different from others, but Dominic, was different. Even as a young boy, he had great faith. His parents taught him how important it was for him to put Jesus first in his life. They had one other goal for Dominic. They wanted him to learn to read and write, something they could not do.

When Don Bosco met Dominic, he was impressed by Dominic’s faith and his eagerness to learn. He invited Dominic to attend the school he had recently founded. It would mean moving away from home, but Dominic’s parents gave their permission. It was a wonderful opportunity for their son. Dominic was excited, too. He knew that if he was a good student, he could eventually become a priest and grow even closer to the Lord.

Don Bosco told Dominic that the way to holiness was to be happy and to help others find happiness. Dominic put Don Bosco’s words into action. He became a good friend to all the students and found ways to help them with their studies or chores.  This too, we teach our students, ‘to do the ordinary things extraordinary’ well and be good to each other.

Mark Ashmore | Principal