ACC Sports Blog 20/5/2022

ACC Football


Senior Football- The senior football boys had to travel to Wally Tew Reserve on a very windy and cold day. The boys were light on numbers as many other schools would be. Salesian started very well with being 6.4.40 to 1.3.9 our way at half time. The rain started to fall after half time and the scores and momentum changed in St. Joseph’s favour. The boys toughed it out for the best win of the season playing a very strong competitor of St. Joseph’s College at their home. The scores finished 9.8.62 to 4.6.30 with a very impressive performance. The boys are looking towards finals but still have two must win games to submit a top two finish. Amongst the best players were Aiden Tenace, Calvin Lehr & Mitch Wain. Well done boys and hopefully the good form can continue. 


Year 9 Football- The year 9 boys had a very tough road trip to Wally Tew Reserve to play a firing St. Joseph’s FTG. It was very impressive for the year 9 boys to show up with limited numbers. St. Joseph’s winning comfortably by 110 points. Well done to St. Joseph’s FTG for the win. Hopefully a better result for next week. Amongst the best players were Harrison Window, Tom Davidson and Jack Waters.


Year 10 football- The year 10 football boys had a very hard day ahead of them with Mr. Hawkes having only 15 boys at the start of the day to play with. After a lot of running around to find boys to play they had a very competitive effort against Mazenod College. Salesian played in front of the home crowd and started very well being 14 points up at half time. Mazenod College had a very strong come back and ended up winning the match 10.13.73 to 14.8.92. Well done to all year 10 boys for putting there hand up to play and everyone else that put in 100% effort in the game. Amongst the best were Ricky Theodoropoulos, Isaac Deayton and Haris Orfanos.


Year 8 Football- The year 8 boys played in front of the home crowd once again. They started very well with being 5.1.31 to 0.1.1 at QT. They looked very strong but the wind was starting to pick up and the Emmanuel boys had a very strong comeback. The end scores were 8.9.56 to 5.5.35. The boys hung on to win a must win game at home. Amongst the best players were Lucas Smith, Harly Billing and Jamie Mandile. Well done boys.


Year 7 Football- Bye



ACC Soccer


Senior A Soccer- The boys had another big road trip to Parade College. Parade College have been very strong all year and are seeming to be one of the better sides for the ACC. The boys started slower then they wanted with Parade being up 2-0 at half time. Salesian boys had a couple of changes to the line up and scored only one for the second half. The boys lost to Parade 3-1 in the end. A lot of opportunities and missed chances for the day. Hopefully the boys can bounce back and have a better performance for next game. Amongst the best were Daniel Amendola, James Triskelidis and Kosta Balakas.


Senior B Soccer- The senior B boys played at home once again in front of the home crowd. The boys like other teams at Salesian at the moment were very light on numbers. Parade have been a tough opponent for many schools and they continued that form against Salesian. Parade defeated Salesian 12-2. Unfortunate result but still a good effort for the boys that seemed to not have many on the park to play. Amongst the best were Ryan Langworthy, Sam Thurston and Andreas Phylactou.


Year 10 Soccer- The year 10 soccer boys played St. Bernard’s at home. Very tough start with being 1-1 at half time. Both sides were playing very well and very defensive and was tough to break through with goals. In the end St. Bernard’s did very well to break through with kicking 3 goals in the second half to make the score 4-1 at full time with St. Bernard’s taking the victory. A competitive effort but very heart breaking for the boys. Well done to the year 10 boys with facing a few outs due to illness and still putting a side on the field. Amongst the best were Christos Babatsias, Luke Lazos and Luke Parente.


Year 9A Soccer- The year 9A soccer boys faced a massive challenge playing Mazenod College who are looking to play finals this year. It was a tough start being 2-0 up at half time. The boys finished very well with a 4-1 win. Well done to the boys, amongst the best were Nathan Soares, Harly Caimakamis and Julian Severino. Good start to the year and hoping for the momentum to continue going into finals.


Year 9B Soccer- The year 9B soccer boys faced a very strong De La Salle College. The boys were very excited to play at St. Kevin’s sporting complex with some of the best pitches in Victoria. The boys have a very strong first half with being 5-0 up at half time. De La Salle made a little come back with scoring the only goals for the second half with 2. Scores were 5-2 with Salesian taking the victory. Amongst the best were Themi Gounaris, Lucas Emmanouil and Anthony Oresti.


Year 8A Soccer- The year 8A boys travelled to Essendon to take on a very strong opposition of St. Bernard’s. The boys had a very competitive side in this week and not too much illness. Well done to the boys with finishing the match 2-0 and defeating St. Bernard’s. Amongst the best players were Ross Zois, Dimitri Vouronikos and Marcus Mercuri. Well done boys. Hopefully this form can continue into next week.


Year 8B Soccer- The year 8B boys travelled to Parade College for the biggest game all year. The boys lead by Anastasio, performed extremely well. The boys started the match very well with being up 1-0 at half time. The boys continued the form into the second half with winning the match 2-0. The boys were extremely well trained and perform extremely well. Amongst the best players were Zac Raffa, Isaac Mesaha and Senan Seneviratne.


Year 7A Soccer- The boys had a home game finally for 7A soccer. Sellwood was very impressed with how the boys went about it. The boys were up 2-0 at half time and looked to be in a very strong position. The boys finished the match 5-0 against Mazenod College. Well done to all the boys on an impressive effort and I’m sure the boys will be backing that performance up next week. Amongst the best were Hez Yu, Rhyle Vaz and Rennie Edwards. Well done boys.


Year 7B Soccer- The boys had another home game with playing Parade Purple. The boys had a very competitive effort against a strong side but couldn’t get the win. The boys lost the match 8-0. The boys will need to win next week with a match that will be must win. Amongst the best players were Brian Phung, Archie Rizzi and Neil Nanda. Special mention to Neil Nanda who got into the best with only playing one half for the match.



ACC Golf


ACC Golf- The boys travelled nice and early at 6:30am to Northern Golf Club on May 16th. The divison 2 line up looked very strong with De La Salle, Mazenod, St. Bernard’s, St. Joseph’s FTG, St. Patricks and Salesian. We had 8 boys represent the college with Ryan Langworthy, Elbert Kim, Sebastian Millares, Hayden Loft, Toby Fenton, Oliver Mulvogue, Sam Thurston and Ronan Easton. It was a windy and wet day, with the boys being excited with this being the only time to represent the college in golf. A special mention to Ryan Langworthy, who scored a impressive 70 which was the best from both DIV 1 and 2. The second best was Louis Van Ingen who scored 72 which was still very impressive. Salesian College came 2nd out of the 6th schools with scoring 331. De La Salle came out with the victory with scoring an impressive 320. Well done to all the boys from the college. Everyone represented the college so impressivley and respected all other schools and themslves on the day. Hopefully next year we can go up a spot and take 1st position. Very impressive and well done to all boys who participated on the day.


Geordie Nagle | Sports Manager