ACC Sports Blog – 13/5/22

ACC Football


Senior Football- The senior boys had a hard fought match against the top of the table De La Salle. De La Salle have come down from DIV 1 and we could certainly tell they have played DIV 1 football before. We had a good start but De La Salle’s outside run got us in the end. Many boys played really well but amongst the best players were Connor Montgomery, Andrew Avramopolous and Toby Fenton. Very competitive effort and hope to see the boys do better and get a win next week.


Year 10 Football- The year 10 boys travelled out to Wally Tew Reserve in Ferntree Gully to take on St. Joseph’s FTG. The boys were very excited about the trip and were competitive but couldn’t get the win. St. Joseph’s FTG played extremely well with winning 15.8.98 to Salesian 5.6.36. Amongst the best players were Isaac McKnight, Charlie Cochrane and Tom Washington. Well done on a competitive effort boys, hopefully next week they can get a win.


Year 9 Football- The year 9 boys were excited to play in front of the home crowd again this week and there peers. It was a very tough and hard match from the first bounce. Extremely proud of Salesian for the way we went about the whole match with a few out due to illness. Unfortunately, Salesian didn’t win with going down to Mazenod College 13.8.86 to 7.11.53. Well done to Mazenod College and both schools for a very impressive outing. Amongst the best players were Thomas Charabie, Tate Mole and Harrison Window.


Year 8 Football- The year 8 boys travelled to Mazenod College. The boys had a very strong performance defeating Mazenod College 15.8.98 to 6.3.40. Well done to the boys having a good win and hopefully this form can continue for the rest of the season. Amongst the best players were Riley Johnston, Thomas Ciorciari and Angus Cormack. Well done boys.


Year 7 Football- The year 7 boys played another game in front of the home crowd at Salesian. There were a lot of supporters around the fence which was nice to see. The boys had a very strong performance defeating Parade College who is always a strong football school in the ACC. Amongst the best players were Oskar McCulloch, Brodie Downes and William Franklin. Well done boys and they are looking strong going into the finals for 2022.



ACC Soccer


Senior A Soccer- The senior A boys travelled to Geelong to play St. Joseph’s Geelong. The boys always have a tough match against each other. Well done to our boys for having 9 missing and still being able to go to Geelong and win 2-1. Well done to the boys and hopefully they can come next week and continue the form. Well done to all and all the boys that came in due to a lot of people being sick. Amongst the best players were James Triskelidis, Nicholas Ghanakas and Lucas Stathopoulos.


Senior B Soccer- The senior B boys played home this week against the best side in the competition Mazenod College. We didn’t have the worst start with being 3-1 down at half time. The boys finished with being 11-2 down. Well done to Mazenod College with being very strong and very well trained. Hopefully the boys can bounce back next week with a stronger performance going forward. Amongst the best players were Sam Thurston, Camilo Angelucci and Andreas Karvelas.


Year 10 Soccer- The year 10 boys had yet another road trip to Emmanuel College. Very hard fought match between the two sides. Salesian falling short with a 3-2 lose to Emmanuel. Well done to both schools and a very impressive outing. Amongst the best players were Christos Babatsias, Gavin Tone and Elias Yau. Well done to the boys on being very respectful and humble in defeat. Hopefully a different result for next week.


Year 9A Soccer- The year 9A soccer boys had there first big road trip to Parade College. The boys knew that Parade are top contenders this year but we played extremely well to get the win over in Bundoora. Well done to the boys winning 2-1 away. Very impressive from all and looks like Salesian are going to be very hard to beat come close to finals. Amongst the best players were Nick Grillo, Andrew Byun and Liam Liberatoscioli.


Year 9B Soccer- The year 9B soccer boys took on Mazenod College. We all know Mazenod are a very strong ACC school and are always hard to beat. Salesian came knowing that but played very well with winning 5-2 away. Very impressive effort from Anthony Oresti that didn’t kick 1 or 2 but kicked all 5 in the match against Mazenod. Well done Anthony! Amongst the best players were Anthony Oresti, Harrison Kukulovski and Jake Peluso. Well done boys and keep up the good work.


Year 8A Soccer- BYE


Year 8B Soccer- The year 8B soccer had there first game of the season. Mr. Bentley was been very keen to start especially seeing every other team get out and play. The boys didn’t dissapoint with winning away against a very strong school St. Bede’s (East Bentleigh). The scores were 5-1. Amongst the best players were Massimo Fazzino, Lucas Lazarou and Callum Shoji-Colaric. Well done boys.


Year 7A Soccer- The year 7A boys travelled to Emmanuel for yet another road trip for Mr. Sellwood. Mr. Sellwood has been travelling everywhere with these boys but these boys aren’t dissapointing while playing. Yesterday was a very tough day for the boys with a 0-0 draw. Amongst the best players were Hez Yu, Yianni Spyropoulos and Ollie Howell. Hopefully a better result for next week but still came away with a few points.


Year 7B Soccer- The year 7B boys had a extremly strong win with a 14-0 performace. Well done to Mr. Croft leading the boys to victory. Amongst the best players were Brian Phung, Lucas Piper and Aurelien Kong Shing Cheong. A special mention to Brian Phung with kicking 5 goals. Really strong performace and his season has been outstanding so far. Well done boys and hope to keep the good form up.


Geordie Nagle | Sports Manager