Read5 Challenge 2022

In Term 1 2022, which has proved to be yet another busy but exciting term, RRC organised an in-house Reading Challenge — Read5.

Participating students were asked to read minimum of 5 books this term. For every 5 books read, students were awarded 2 merit points. Many students enjoyed reading and gaining merits, bringing them a step closer in achieving the coveted Salesian Bronze, Silver and Gold awards at end of the year. Students also received canteen vouchers to acknowledge their efforts.

Leo Cerreto-Dillon from 8B shared his thoughts about this challenge –

“The Read5 challenge was a very well thought out and fun challenge. The 5 books was a perfect amount to read and enjoy. I think that reward of merits was very good. The fact that there were so many books to choose from even in such a small library made the challenge much more enjoyable.”

Another student, Adhi Prathish Menon from 7G read over 15 books. His thoughts about this challenge –

“I really enjoyed the reading competition because it was a lot of fun and a great experience reading and learning with all these new books. I enjoyed the fact that there were a lot of new books and selecting a book for my reading was also fun. I hope more will come soon.”


The RRC also enjoyed its annual Easter Quiz last week. Library staff were pleased to see over 300 students participating in this quiz. All correct entries went in the draw to win Chocolate Eggs. Winners of the draw were Christos Babatsias, Dylan Rayen and Liam Moore.

Happy Holidays Everyone! Enjoy your Easter Break.

From Ria Khambete | Head of Information Services – Rua Resource Centre