Year 9 Italian – Flashcards

In Year 9 Italian, we have learnt a lot and it has only been four weeks. So far, we have been learning about body parts and ailments. We have made flashcards to help us memorise simple body parts. These flash cards either have the name of body part in Italian or a picture of a body part. We used the flashcards to play different interactive games such as memory and snap. These flashcard games are much better than normal learning as it involves interactivity with the students and fun competition between friends. The flashcards have helped us learn, understand and memorise the different body parts and their articles in Italian.

In Year 9 Italian we also learnt how to write and say our morning routines, involving, what time we get up, when we have breakfast, when we shower, when we get ready for school and much more.

Daniel D, Themi G, Matthew L and Thomas P | Year 9 Students