Year 10 Future Focus Day

“Last Friday, all Year 10s participated in their first Future Focus Day. Activity one entailed a self-assessment, where everyone in the cohort performed a sequential series of quizzes, assessing our compatibility to certain work styles and professions. This produced a detailed analysis of what our general personality types were which linked to a certain professional category/industry. Following the conclusion of the self-assessment, an industry deep dive was conducted, forming the basis of what our general interests in certain professions were and exploring the potential pathways to ultimately achieve that goal/profession. To complete this, we used ‘The Careers Department Website’ and the many resources it had to offer, such as real feedback and experience from students and graduates from that industry. There were also different applications following VCE, such as pathways to VET courses and tertiary courses, investigating area of passion, career interest and different programs. The day concluded with the class creating resumes, practising job-interview responses and conducting mock job interviews with fellow students (some of whom had part-time jobs). This gave vital experience to students, who are looking for part-time jobs themselves. A very enjoyable day, filled with interesting experiences and discoveries.”

Andrew Tan | 10B


“Future Focus Day was a day where all Year 10 boys researched and got together to discuss and look at future pathways from school. Going for the entire day, Future Focus started with a short meeting from Mr McAuliffe going through some key statistics surrounding the workplace, employment and wages. After that, we then created our own work profiles and had a deep dive into our personalities and our working standards. The general working personality was ‘The Opportunist’, and Business and Commerce was a popular choice for the pathway of work. Finally, we finished off by constructing resumes and holding mock interviews between employers and employees, as we seek out our first jobs. It was a very positive day and really enjoyable by everyone that participated and got around looking at the future of employment.”

Will Thurston | 10B