VR in Year 8 English


“Today we got to experience a VR session about a town called Happyland. The town is filled with rubbish, broken and worn buildings, and some homeless families. But that doesn’t stop the people of Happyland from being happy. Everyone has fun riding bikes, singing songs and dancing. This has taught us to appreciate our homes, our school, our friends and our family, and that you don’t need everything in the world to have fun. It has also made us appreciate our country and how clean and environmentally friendly it is. After we watched the VR video, we had to write down thoughts, questions and scenes that interested us. This helped introduce the novel ‘Trash’, as it has a lot of similarities with the blurb of the book. This lesson was a fun start to the day and I’m sure the entire class enjoyed as much as I did.”

Harly Billing | 8A