RUA Resource Centre Update

The start of the year has been the beginning of another successful Lego Tournament for the RUA Resource Centre. Each week, a challenge is decided upon and completed by our competitive teams – for instance, ‘A Throne Fit for a King’ or ‘A Tower that Stands by Itself (subject to structural integrity tests!)’

See below photos of our current winners and competitors with their Lego creations.


In Virtual Reality sessions, students are viewing videos like Exo Planet, Flight Simulator and Swim with Dolphins:

Read5 Competition

 Visit The Rua Resource Centre to take part in our “Read5” Competition. Read at least five books or eBooks from the library and you’ll go in the draw to win  great prizes, including books, canteen vouchers and stationery.

You can also earn up to Twenty Four merit points this term, increasing your chances of earning a coveted Bronze, Silver or Gold Bosco Award! Pick up your competition card from the Rua Resource Centre today. Let’s get reading!