Year 8 Literacy and Life Lightning Writing

“Lightning writing is an activity that encourages students to practice their creative writing skills. At the beginning of every Literacy and Life lesson, I place a key word on the board and give students five minutes to write anything and everything that comes to mind, in accordance to the key word.”

Here are some examples from 8F:


Leo Basbanas – 8F

Key word: Forgot

I forgot. I forgot to talk and write. I forgot to walk and think. I forgot

It all started on a cold autumn day in 1991. I had finally come home after school and my busy part time job. I don’t know why I didn’t enjoy my first job. Maybe it was the bad pay? I was a young 15 year old boy so any money was good to help save up for… I forgot.


Nathan D’Mello – 8F

Key word: Forgot

I knew I had forgotten something, but what was it? Was it my toothbrush or was it my instrument?
How could I know when the bags were already packed? It could be my racket or pair of slippers.
And then I finally remembered… it was my mask.


Torin Willaims – 8F

Key word: Mountain

A mountain is a natural make object typically made from rock. There usually tall and are fun to climb. There sometime full of snow or sometimes none. That’s a mountain.